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MiU Friend Pack: Jace Crab, Ruby Axolotl, William Whale, and Zach the Octopus with 6 Hats - Desk Companions

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This special listing includes most of our creations! You will be receiving a mystery color of each friend, and with a total of SEVEN hats!

Included are:
- Mystery Color Jace Crab
- Mystery Color Ruby Axolotl
- Mystery Color William Whale
- Mystery Color Zach the Octopus

We've carefully designed each creature to be helpful to you! The Jace Crab is designed to be a pen holder, Ruby is a coin bank, William is a paperclip / pin collector, and Zach is a phone holder.

The hats you will receive are:
- Cowboy Hat
- Witch Hat
- Pail
- Top Hat
- Party Hat
- Frog Hat
- Cat Hat