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Adventure Time BMO Nintendo Switch Charging Station Dock

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Wanna play video games?

BMO is ready to play with you!
The BMO Nintendo Switch stand fits the original version of the Switch. You can easily slide your charger inside to charge your Switch, and also fit a multihub to add your HDMI cable to link it to a TV. :)

All the details were carefully considered, like adding a vent to the back for safety and creating BMO's button in fantastic, vibrant colors like glittery navy, and metallic red, green and yellow. We tried to color match BMO to the best of our ability so this can be a fantastic edition to any gamer corner.

As for the multihub, I recommend this model as it got great reviews with working with the Switch: https://tinyurl.com/multihubbmo

**Orders will be delivered in 3-6 weeks.

***Switch + Powercords are not included :) 

*Credit goes out to David Im for the design